Office of Research and Development

Brief History of The Directorate

The Centre for Research and Development (CRD) was the original name given to the Office of Research and Development

It was established in 1991 in the conviction that State Universities should play roles similar to the Land Grant Universities of United States by providing research and technological support for the development efforts of the State and thereby contribution actively to the improvement of living standards of the people of the State. ORD was the University research and coordinating agency.

The Office of Research and Development had been headed by Prof. Fatunla (1991-1995), Prof. D.O. Olagoke (1995-2000),Prof. J.B.I. Aderiye (2000-2005),Prof. E.T. Akintayo(2005-2009), Prof. J. Olaogun(2010-2012),Prof. E.T. Akintayo was reappointed(2012-2018),Under which EKSU now Office of Research and Development (ORD)was saddled with fresh mandate, to assist the University to improve on the perceived traditional mandate, of the typical Nigerian University(production of manpower) by redirecting the intellectual and technological resources within the University to break the circle of historical underdevelopment in the State. Prof. J. Kayode (2018-2000).

On 4th August, 2020 Prof. Temitope Jegede was appointed by the 8th substantive Vice-Chancellor of the University as Ag. Director. The position he is still holding till today.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of ORD is rooted in that of the University which is to harness the intellectual and technological assets within the university and use them to improve the overall social, economic and industrial advancement of Ekiti State in particular and Nigeria at large.

The Objectives and Mission Statement

The general objectives of the Directorate among others include

  • Provide strategic vision and direction for research and development in the University
  • Formulate new research policies for the University and undertake periodic review of existing ones in line with international best practices
  • Coordinate the translation of research findings within the University to tangible products that can solve societal and global problems
  • Initiate research in any identified areas of urgency to solve particular problems for the University, Ekiti State and the larger society.
  • Undertake training e.g. seminars and workshops that the University, State government, industrial and other agencies may want to carry out to improve individual and organizational performance
  • Source and disseminate information on local, national and international research grants and fellowships to the University community.
  • Administer all local, national and international research grants and Fellowships available to the University.
  • Administer the editorial review and production of main University`s journals
  • Coordinate research discoveries and inventions, patenting and commercialization of research products.
  • Ensuring the development and implementation of an effective funding policy and system which sources research funds from internal and external sources
  • Establishing research performance data and information management systems for internal and external assessment and compliance
  • Ensuring establishment of research outputs management and archival systems that allow access and further dissemination of University research findings
  • Engaging at a high level, local and external stakeholders for purposes of sourcing research funding, sourcing research projects, driving the innovation process and marketing the University’s research outputs and competencies
  • Ensuring central support and central coordination of the autonomous research management and administration in the Departments, Schools, Faculties and Administrative Centres
  • Establishing and implementing a management system that provides for continuous improvement of research quality

List of Management Staff

NamesQualificationsStatusAcademic SpecialisationE-Mail addressPhone number
Prof. Temitope JEGEDEB. Agric. Tech., M. Agric. Tech. &  Ph.D(Akure)Ag. DirectorAquaculture and Eco-toxicology[email protected]+2348035731452
Dr O.N. OlawoyinB.A., M.A. & Ph.D(Ibadan)Ag. Deputy Director (Training and Publication)Philosophy of Religion and Process Philosophy[email protected]+2347065454648

Dr (Mrs)

M. J. Ayeni

B.Sc. (Ado Ekiti), M. Tech. (Akure) & Ph.D(Ado Ekiti)

Ag. Deputy Director


Plant Eco-Physiology and Plant Resources Management[email protected]+2348033537341
Mr Ojo Olurotimi WilliamDiploma & B.Sc.Principal Executive OfficerAdministration[email protected]+2348038850252